Adoption Process (입양 절차)

Are you interested in adopting or fostering one of our amazing dogs in need of love and care?

Before taking the first step to fill out an application, please ensure that you meet all the following requirements in order to qualify:

          1. Must be 21 years or older. If not, parent or guardian must provide approval for adopting or fostering.

          2. If you are renting, your landlord must must give the approval to adopting or fostering. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

          3. Homes that will have the dog alone for 9+ hours will not qualify unless further arrangements are made.

Foster Process
(임시보호 절차)

Do you have extra time, love, and care? We are always looking for amazing foster homes that will open their hearts for a dog in need!

We provide everything needed for our foster homes and cover potential medical expenses for the foster dog. 


(1) Fill out foster application and allow us a few days to review and get back to you.

(2) After reviewing we’ll contact you with a basic interview via phone.

(3) Arranging a home check.

(4) We will provide a few options that may be the right fit for your household.

Local Adoption Process (국내입양 절차)

All the dogs at the KDS Rescue will be provided with up-to-date vaccinations, dewormed, and fixed. 


(1) Fill out the adoption application for the dog of interest.

(2) Arrange to meet & greet with the dog of interest and yourself

(3) If all goes well and would like to move forward, we will contact you for a home check.

(4) If your home check is approved, we will arrange a date to finalize the adoption process!

International Adoption Process (국제입양 절차)

All the dogs from KDS Rescue will be provided with up-to-date vaccinations, dewormed, and fixed procedures. All medical history will be fully disclosed to the potential adopter.

It will be the adopter's responsibility to pay the medical bills and transportation (ie. flight) fee of the dog they wish to adopt. All the fees will be used directly to the dog you are adopting.

KDS Rescue is a non-profit organization, and we do not profit from rescuing dogs in Korea.

Potential adopters for international rescues pick ups are directly from the airport (YVR, SEA, JFK, LAX). 


(1) Fill out the adoption application for the dog of interest. >>CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION

(2) Once you have reviewed the dog's information, and decide to move forward. we will arrange a home check to ensure that the dog will be living in a safe, loving environment.

  • Home checks may occur in-person or through photos only if it is not in the vicinity. We will require at least 3 photos each, the inside and outside of your residence, and a family photo of the dog’s future family.

(3) Once you are an approved adopter, the dog of interest will be marked for your home and no other applicants will be able to apply. Your home will be priority for this dog; thus commitment is also needed. The adoption fee must be paid prior to flying the dog.

(4) We will begin to recruit volunteer couriers to your airport destination. This may be considered as the "waiting period" as we will search for volunteer couriers that are willing to safely travel with your dog . Depending on the availability of the volunteers, this may take up to 2 months. 

(5) Once a flight has been confirmed, we will send you the information on the pick up date and time- this will help you to prepare for your new potential companion!